Does a Hypnotic Gastric Band Really Work ?

So, first I must explain that a Gastric Band through Hypnosis is not for everyone. The most success comes from clients that truly want to lose weight or change their eating habits. People that are just looking for an easy fix without much effort or belief from themselves will not find success. If you have the right mindset there is no reason why it wouldn't work for you.

This seems obvious, but you don't actually have surgery or a Gastric Band fitted.Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive form of weight loss hypnotherapy using suggestion and cognitive behavioural therapy to achieve the desired results. There is no need to visit a hospital, doctor or nurse, ideal if you have a fear any of the afore mentioned.

Will it work for me ? Gastric band hypnotherapy is totally dependent on you. You need to be absolutely committed to losing weight in your head and heart. This solution isn’t for those looking for “something else or someone else to take control”. YOU are the key to your own success!

You must be prepared to change your eating habits and overall your lifestyle and if more than one person in your home is suitable for the therapy consider this if that individual isn’t prepared to change their habits. This could have a direct impact to your own results if you are constantly around triggers and prompts to eat large or unsuitable meals.

If you are truly serious about losing weight then it will work for you.

Will the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band Guarantee to make me lose weight ? Well, nothing about any sort of treatment can be guaranteed , due to so many other contributing factors that may influence you. One thing that can be guaranteed is there will be no side effects ! I again repeat you need to be 100% committed for any Hypnotherapy to be successful.You must understand that the mind is a very complex and powerful organ and by undergoing gastric band hypnotherapy you will be arming yourself with the necessary tools to change your old eating habits for good. The treatment is aimed to help you change mindset and lifestyle and that will enable you to change your relationship with food and lose that weight.

What does my treatment consist of and cost ?

Well an initial consultation is carried out by the Hypnotherapist taking note of any medical History and Dietary Habits. You will then be introduced to Hypnotherapy with a short relaxing session. Then a Gastric Band Session will follow at another appointment, which can take up to 2 hours. After the initial session you can have top ups, or Gastric Band Tighteners, to keep you on track. Future sessions can also cover your relationship with food, and change unwanted habits. The cost in some practices in London are up near £6,000 for the full treatment. More locally fees start at around £200, which is a fairly inexpensive safe way to improve your health.

Hypnotherapy supports your diet by:

  • Planting subconscious suggestion

  • Removing the need to cheat

  • Learn why dieting doesn’t change your    habits

Hypnosis has proven results in aiding weight loss.

Many people have to understand that a bad or unhealthy diet usually comes from years of habitual training of your food consumption.

Working late, lack of access to healthy, suitable alternatives, lifestyle and a lack of understanding of what’s good and what isn’t contribute.

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