Martin Waller  
D.Hyp. S.S.O.H.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

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  • Regain deep sleep, enjoy being fully revitalised, mentally, physically

    45 British pounds
  • Improve all aspects in the workplace with Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

    15 British pounds
  • Weight Loss, control or just bad habits you want to say goodbye to !

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  • Suitable to relieve anxiety and stress.

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  • Excell in your chosen sport, improve concentration, achieve goals.

    45 British pounds
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People do not come into Hypnotherapy to change their past, but their future.”

Milton Erickson

About Martin Waller

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Martin Waller has established his practice in Street, Somerset very close to Glastonbury. He use's various techniques to help people access their inner resources and open the door to happiness and growth. You can be assured that working together with Martin will have you seeing surprising results.

At some point or another, we all feel the desire to improve the quality of our lives. Get ready to evolve, change and realise your full potential.

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Be confident and aware that everything I do is Covid safe to protect us all.

Ice Cream

Mrs L.

Thank you for helping me to stop eating Chocolate and Sweets in the evening while watching TV. After just one session , I don't have the urge to go to the cupboard and eat junk, so I have saved a bit of money and lost a few kilo's as well !



Thank you for helping me cope better with my morning sickness, the symptoms have generally got much better, and I now feel as well as ever.



Thank you for helping me with a problem at work, I really didn't think Hypnosis could help with this issue. But now I am able to deal with the issue that has been around for almost two years, and I haven't had to leave a job I love. Thank you.